Sorry not to have been on-line recently. I have been having one of those "I'm busier out of work than in" times.

Thanks to all who came to the Rivers Rutherford gig in Hammersmith. Some of you came quite a distance. Well done. Worth it tho', huh? I think he is a rare talent that will break into stardom at enormous speed when he does and will get what he richly deserves.

So I'm in between jobs, considering and contemplating where to go, and what to do next. You will spot me in Olly's new St. Trinian's movie. Read on for an extraordinary revelation...

I had a scene with a NAKED Colin Firth.

Alright. That's not entirely true. For one thing he wasn't naked and in truth I didn't have a scene with him. You'll have to sit right to the end to find out more.

My daughters have been appearing in it as St. Trinian girls, and I have been chaperoning them. They haven't got proper parts, but Olly has been incredibly sweet and found them a couple of fun bits to do. He has his girl in it too, as does Barnaby Thompson his co-director/producer. So I have seen a few scenes, and my honest opinion. It should be a hit. There is such a lot of energy and good will behind it, as well as a whole raft of talent that, just like Rivers, I hope it gets the reaction it deserves.

It was lovely to see to Colin again. We were in the National Youth Theatre together in 1979 and became good mates. We immediately had a relationship that transfers over time. We have seen each other a small handful of times over the years and it has always been, and will always be a pleasure to catch up. Ugly bastard tho' isn't he... Actually, lucky devil, he does get better with age. I think maybe he has a picture in the attic.

I saw the teaser trailer last night at my brother's birthday dinner. That's Al by the way. And it made us all laugh. We are a tough audience. I heard the very good reviewer on Radio 5 Live, Mark Kermode, say that a comedy has to make him laugh at least 5 times to be a comedy. I think the trailer does that. Hopefully it will have the same effect when the movie comes out.

I have also been reading the latest Young James Bond onto disc. It's a cracking read. I found that we raced through it, always a good sign. I think that should be out soon. I found a rather fun Charles Gray-like voice to do. Hard on the vocal chords, but massively good fun.

Not long to go now. 40 bleedin' 5. Who'd a thunk it? Still I made it eh? Later dudes.

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