Today I have had quite an extraordinary time. I have been helping to front the new crisis appeal for the D.E.C. (Disasters Emergency Committee), for the ever worsening crisis in Darfur and Chad.

An old friend who works for one of the charities involved called me up and asked me to go on TV this morning answering questions about it all. I was sent a few pages of info to brief me on it, and have found myself sucked in by the whole affair.

It is imperative that we all send money to the DEC. They need it FAST. Without it there is every chance that most of the people in the region will perish. We need to get food and water and medicines and shelter to the over 2 million people who have been displaced. They have been living in camps for far too long and without URGENT action it wont get there. This is because the rains are abut to arrive, and when they do there will be no roads left to speak of, and the shelters they huddle under will soon give way under the expected deluge.

It is desperate for there vulnerable people, who I am sure would rather not be trying to live off scraps thrown to them by other nations, but they have no choice.

Please everyone GIVE NOW. I know I have mentioned other charities, very dear to my heart, and have asked for your generosity on their behalf before. This is a different scale, and if we can beat the rain we will save millions of lives. This is a preventative measure, but vitally important. is the website.

0870 60 60 900 is the number.

Thanks to all.


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