Huge thanks to one particular fan, who, instead of sending a valentine, got out her check book and sent a donation to JRI, the Jamie Redford Institute. If you remember that is the charity about transplant awareness that I went over to Sundance to help with.

Anybody who ever feels the same way please feel free. S.A.F.E. and JRI are the two charities that I feel strongest about. And of course Barnardos.

I am often asked to contribute money or donate time to charities. I wish I could do them all. I have a list of various charities that receive money over the year, but there's no point in making appearances or appeals for all. If I did, then any minute effect I have would be totally diluted. So, S.A.F.E. , which is run by my dear friend Nick Redding in Kenya, and is about AIDS awareness and education, and JRI about transplant awareness in the US, and Barnardos for the neglected children of this country, are my main three. I would talk the hind legs off a donkey trying to get you all to donate, but you are probably all in the same situation.

Teri, I take my hat off to you. Thank you so much. A better Valentine's gift I couldn't get.


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