Just quickly, and typically a little late, but I am on various radio stations throughout today promoting www.concerngifts.org. Concern Worldwide are pushing us to buy ethical gifts this Xmas. Apparently £1 BILLION is wasted on unwanted gifts each Christmas. £1 BILLION !

WOW!   So PLEASE  THINK  TWICE !   If you can't think of what to get someone this year, go to the website and change someone's life. You will feel good giving this gift of life and the person receiving it will feel great knowing that you respect them enough to give them them this important gift. Have a look at their range of presents. They're great. Very entertaining and satisfying ideas. I have got a whole bunch, a lot of the cheaper ones, to give to my kids to give to their friends. It works every which way. Thanks to all who partake. You will change lives. Lives of real people. Love and respect to all.

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