Is an exciting new project about the effects on a select few around the world of the current financial crisis. It's a new film by director / writer Paula van der Oest, and with any luck I get to film a bit of it in Rotterdam. I think that'll go down well with some of you. I have no idea yet, but it'll be a new look for me. I don't like to divulge too much when I haven't got a proper handle on it myself yet, but I will. All in good time. 

I don't know who else is in it yet, but it is very much an ensemble piece of international actors. I really hope I get to meet some of the others. I'm very excited. It'll be very different for me I think.  

I hope you all enjoyed Land Girls. Good new faces in it, don't you think? I hope to have something else to tell you all about soon too. Till then. BYE.

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