Well, I have to say that Sundance was fun. It was great to be there with a film, rather than just as a film goer. But it was also frustrating, because I am not one of the main two in this picture, so I didn't feel quite justified in being on podiums, or accepting praise. It was very much Nick Tomnay's film. He wrote, directed and edited the picture, and David, and Clayne are terrific in it.

But, nonetheless, it was lovely to be involved at all, and the production company, Stacey Testro International, were very inclusive and Stacey and her husband Martin were so helpful. Mark, Jan, and Katie too. I hope they can all hear the round of applause that I send them. They did a really great job. And for the budget!!!!! I hadn't realised that it cost less than $700,000 to get from page to screen. Amazing.

I didn't get to see much else actually, but I had an interesting time. And having been in LA for the last few days, I am having a couple of interesting meetings and reading for the Book Club. I hope you are all enjoying the show. I think it is still growing, well we are, in our confidence and ability. I have high hopes for it. I am certainly enjoying myself, and the reading. Heaven. Gotta go now. See ya'll later dudes, like bye, yeah.

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