OK, it's a bad pun, but it's true in a way. I have many things that may or may not happen, or that are and aren't happening. Yes I am very proud to be the first ambassador for NCYPE, but I have also recently joined the raising charity, called Racing Welfare, that supports people within the industry in a very fundamental and unheralded way. It is the largest charity in the racing game and touches the parts other charities cannot reach, to quote a well known lager!

Then on top of that I am also recording a video message for Concern Worldwide for a campaign being launched on eBay very soon where people are given the chance to sponsor a handful of charities as they purchase. So, phew. I know this is a lot of charities to ally myself with, but along with S.A.F.E., that is it. 

On the other side of the fence I am having an exciting build up to getting older. I was meant to be recording the new Artemis Fowl this week, but after a first day when I was rubbish we pulled the plug, and have rescheduled to next week. I caught a cold that sent my voice range down a couple of octaves, which is not ideal for a 15 year old Irish schoolboy. And then, also next week, I am doing a short film for a friend. It's called "Tell Me", and has a rather illustrious cast led by Fiona Shaw. Bleedin' 'eck, she's pretty damn good isn't she? The documentary is galloping on a pace, (jeez, another pun!) and we hope to put financing in place soon.

Later guys!

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