Hello Everyone,

I am having a rather surreal experience. I am sitting on the sofa in my hotel room in France, having arrived not too long ago and having had dinner I turned on the TV to see if there would be anything I could watch. I found a film called Killing Zoe, set here in France and starring my old mucker Gary Kemp. I met up with Gary a couple of months back at an awards do, and it was like seeing an old chum. Such a good guy.  But in a commercial break I channel hoped and found EEEEEKKKK Inspector Lynley, I had to look up the title,  One Guilty Deed.  But it's not even on French TV, it's German. The lovely Ian Burfield, (also in Injustice) played the local, downtrodden cop, and Ester Hall, (my wife in Into Thin Air) and of course the amazing Tom Georgeson, (Bleak House). Blimey what a cool cast, & all talking in German! It all works rather well.  Blimey I look a lot older now, but that was 5 years ago, and it seems a lot longer. A different life really. Ooooh Zyg Byfield just turned up, and he's in the present ep of Merlin

It's nice being part of a series again, but still think it should be called Agravaine.  Ah Well. Great to see A Perfect Host is coming out, I hope you enjoy it. The reaction to Injustice has been terrific, I guess because it was on all thru the week, most people caught a glimpse, and I am getting stopped a lot at the moment.  Mind you, I am amazed they let me stay at the same hotel, after what I did in there. Oh, gotta go, Sharon is about to be attacked by a mad German Esther.

Later Peeps

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