Yesterday I recorded some radio in London. Produced by Ros Ayres and Directed by Martin Jarvis, it's a little know piece called ... From Russia With Love... Yes I was in a Bond!!!!! Not, unfortunately as Bond, & not unfortunately on film, but nonetheless, HOORAY. The wondrous Toby Stephens plays Bond. Brilliantly, as he does most things. And it's a full star cast. I'm sure they'll be publicity out soon. What fun! Martin & Ros, & Toby, have done 2 previously and so are pretty slick. I must admit to not nailing the performance right away. I could even hear a moment's anxiety in Martin's ever wonderful voice, as he wondered if he was going to get what he needed from me, but I think we got there in the end.

Lovely thing about this job, (acting in general I mean) is that it's not just you, others have a say, so you can be fairly certain, if you trust your director, and with Martin, OF COURSE, that they won't let you wrap without getting what they need. I love a co-operative set! And as for Toby, I told him how cross and disappointed I had been not to have been considered for the Jane Eyre about 5 years ago that he did, but also how on watching his Rochester, I was, and have been ever since, in awe of him. A Proper Talent.

So there you go.  

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