I hope some of you have noticed a link put up by Jessika to my Just Giving page Nathanielparker-jockey!

I will be riding in a race on 18th August at the home of thoroughbred racing, Newmarket. It is, obviously, a charity race against about a dozen other riders, most of whom are a lot more experienced than me. In fact anyone who has ridden on a race before could quite truthfully say that they are more experienced than me. This is a real first for me. If I get to do it, it will be an ambition realised. I say "if" only because who knows if fate is even now preparing to throw me off track. I truly hope not. I am SO excited, but it is hard work conditioning myself and I wasn't built for the game of jockeyship, I was built to play rugby. Totally different. Anyway, I will strip fitter and as slimmed down as possible on the day.

It'll all be worth it if I can raise the money. Now, I know I often do write asking for donations, and I know that can piss a few people off, but honestly if you don't think that the charity is worthy of your support, don't support it! These are tough economic times, and I know how tricky it is to wave goodbye to money, but all money raised for this race will be helping all the right people. If you can spare a bit, great, if not, or you don't agree, that's fine too.  

I am nearly at the end of my comedy as I'm really enjoying it, even if I sometimes do find it much trickier that stuff I have done before. It's ultimately really rewarding. Can't wait till it comes out now.

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