Broadway. Wow. Thrilling to here and exhilarating, and dying to do the re-worked show in front of audiences, but the nerves are starting to kick in.   

As I say the shows have been re-worked, by Hilary herself, and are, I think, by far the best shows we have done.  Of course we are yet to test them in front of paying audiences, but, without being complacent or arrogant, I don't know why they shouldn't work. We have knocked about 10-15 mins off each play, I think, but they are deeper in character and the performances of the cast, every single member of the cast, has moved up a gear.  Didn't really think we could to be honest, but somehow they all have.

Ben Miles, our lead, has been unforgivably left out of the Olivier nominations, but is now stronger than ever.  He has worked very hard with Hilary and honed his script, and leads by example. Hilary is an absolute delight and a joyfully constant presence we are so lucky to have around and in command of the words. And as for Jeremy Herrin, our director.  He's at the top of his game.  Magnificent.  It's a real thrill and a privilege to be part of this company.  Congrats must go too to the others nominated.  Fantastic and completely deserved.  

I don't know if you've caught any of the media hype but it's all been rather good fun and I got to see The Audience on it's Press night the night after arriving here.  Had very good fun there.  I think Henry was the right choice tho for me!  Well gotta go and get out of this hair dye and into costume for a Dress Rehearsal of Bodies, or Part 2 as it's referred to here.  

Good Luck and Love to All

 N x

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