I feel as though I have been Henry VIII for years now. I have loved playing him. I have loved working with the various cast and crew that have helped create this Tudor world. I couldn't be happier on that front. BUT I think it's time to put it all to bed. We may, as a company, or some of us anyway, re-awaken in the future, with Part 3,The Mirror and the Light, and I really look forward to that day, but until then we must say goodbye to some dear friends.

Like I say, I have LOVED doing this. It has been an experience like no other. I have met some, many, EXTRAORDINARY people and have learnt an enormous amount.  All the acting company have been wonderful. It would be wrong to single anyone out, they have all contributed in the most fabulous way.  The crew, well, what can I say about the various crews. From Mikey, my Stratford dresser to Sandi my New York dresser, and everyone in between, they have been SO committed, SO helpful and SO genuine. Basically, I have had the JOB OF A LIFETIME. I do have to top off the list with Hilary (& hubby Gerald) and Jeremy (& Deborah) who have made it all possible. I include their spouses because they wouldn't be the people they are without them, I love them both and have HUGE admiration for their talents, HUGE. Of course, if this were an acceptance speech, and why not since I never got to do one in person, I would FIRST, in the middle & LAST thank my amazing wife Anna, and my girls, Angel & Raffi. Without them I just couldn't have done it. I live for them and I have missed far too much of their lives being an actor. They are the reason for any success I have.  

Now onto the next thing. And what a thing it promises to be.  I look forward enormously to working with Ray Winstone. An icon, and although I have only met him on a couple of brief occasions, a great guy, I think we will have a terrific time together. Of course it is not just us in this show, & I look forward to working with a whole bunch of new people. That will be quite strange after so long with my amazing friends on the TUDOR team. I have a feeling it'll be fun though. I will report once I have got myself grounded and well entrenched. I have spoken to the producers and they all seem well on top of it, so fingers crossed, and let's dive straight in!

This world is in turmoil isn't it? Let's all believe in a better future for this world. A future without terrorism, without religious extremism and without racial bias! I know it sounds trite, but what the hell is going on out there!!!! Sympathies to all in Tunisia and Kuwait and France in the last week. I have watched many of the survivors talk, and as much as I am grateful for their survival, I am more sorry for the victims families. Their loved ones did nothing to deserve this.

HUGE hats off to Obama for his speech the other day.  Why can't he stay on for another 5 terms!?!?!?!? What a guy.

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