As the year draws to a close, I am still reeling from it's impact. I should apologise, again, for not having been more in touch with everyone. Unfortunately, despite too much time to myself, things just haven't turned out that way.  ANYWAY, here now!   

Wolf Hall & Bring Up The Bodies morphed into Wolf Hall Parts 1 & 2 and then King Henry morphed into King Achish, with very little break in between. It has truly been a momentous year. I adored doing the plays, loved it. Really had one of the best spells ever on stage. And almost straight onto South Africa to be in one of ABC's biggest shows, (we hope). Wow. How lucky am I? Well, that is true, but the cost has been huge. I don't want to work out the truth behind the figures, but I reckon I can't have been home for more than 10 weeks all year. I feel a bit like an old fashioned Troubadour. What's quite funny is I now look like one too! I am sporting a beard the like of which I never thought I could grow. I look like the kind of guy who I give money to for a cup of tea!! So, I hardly feel like myself and don't really look like myself, and am hardly ever home.  Hmmmmm. My long suffering family have been incredible. So supportive, but I have missed far too much of them.   

On the work front though I have had a fantastic time, working with some wonderful people. The cast of the plays, as you know, I adore. It was a privilege to be on stage with them and now the family has gone their own ways, I can only hope that some of us will return for the third instalment. Who knows when or where, but I hope as many do as can & the prospect of working with Jeremy Herrin again absolutely thrills me. He De Man. 

Rather frustratingly, as is the reality of filming, I don't work nearly enough with the cast in South Africa. Luckily Francis Magee is my regular and I love him. Great guy, both on and off set. And the production team are magnificent. No wonder companies love coming to S Africa to film. I know the exchange rate helps, but these guys are terrific. And what a place. I had the family come out for a week just now and we had a great time. Home now for the Christmas / New Year bit. What a relief to be in my own bed!   

On which note, I wish anyone who reads this a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a TERRIFIC NEW YEAR.  I hope you all enjoy 2016. And as ever a very special Thanks to our wonderful Web Mistress, Jessie.  XXXXX

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