So they pulled it. Wow. That was a shame. There was a lot of effort and passion and an awful lot of money put in to the show. There a loads of reasons for puling a show, figures, artistic content, reviews, competition on other channels. Whatever the deciding factor, as a member of the company, I am still proud to have been involved and to have worked with so much talent and so many genuinely good hearted people. I believe the complete show will be out somewhere at some time.  
Onwards and Upwards.  

Speaking of which, I had a great fun, and profitable, Cheltenham over the last week. Saw some of the best jumpers I'll ever see and it has certainly re-ignited my desire to make a documentary about the sport.  

Also I had a fantastically fun time with Sharon Small on Monday this week publicising the upcoming WALL to WALL coverage that Drama TV are doing over Easter. It was really fun to reminisce and laugh. I hope some of you heard a few of the radios we did. Much hilarity. And EVERYBODY is asking if we will make any more. Hmmm?

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