For anyone out there who listens to my audio book work, please be warned.....
There is an audio book for sale on Amazon, Seeking Sorrow : Guardians of Terath Book1, which purports to be read by me.  It most certainly is not. Thank you, as ever, Jessy, our webmistress, for bringing this to the attention of my voice-over agent. Typically helpful. Unlike Amazon, who seem to be unable to believe either my agent or me and take it down off their site. I don't know whose mistake it is, but I hope nobody is buying it because it is apparently read by me. I feel I may be inflating my own importance here, but hey, you never know. Their argument has been that there are a lot of Nathaniel Parkers in the world. Ummmmm, not in either British, or US Equity, or SAG. And anyway, if there are so many, why does their link lead to all my other work. It's quite simple Amazon, take it down, oh yes, and maybe pay your taxes while you're at it!!!!

So, there you go. A bit of politics. I can do more of that, but I don't want to alienate people. This site is about my work, not my politics. I think my family would throw me out if I ever stood for parliament. They see little enough of me as it is.    

On a brighter note, I did actually record a book last week. The new Young Bond. I really love being paid to say, "My name's Bond, James Bond." Nothing beats it really. It's called "Heads You Die" by Steven Cole. Really good one I think. I certainly enjoyed reading it out loud, though my first day was SO full of mistakes, the producer had a gag reel going by lunchtime! Dyslexia is helped out enormously by spell-checker, but my reading is just as bad as ever. Perhaps I should stick to James Joyce, It may make it make more sense to the ignorant like me. Do get it when comes out. It's exciting and pacey. I wish they would make the movies. Mainly because I would love to play one of the baddies... Or maybe in the real version......   Oh I wish. Tough to beat Javier Bardem or Toby Stephens though. I think, if the buzz is right about Tom Hiddleston being the next JB, it'll work really well. He's quite a talent isn't he? Loved watching him and Tom Hollander have their scenes on The Night Manager. TH is one of my favourite actors ever I think. He's quite extraordinary.   Not to say all the other cast weren't amazing too. Hugh Laurie was top, just top. And Wonderful Natasha Little, from Vanity Fair, love her. All the best to all. Does anyone ever read this any more?  Are there any questions I can answer? That'd be fun again.  

Byeeee  N x

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