That was the most extraordinary week I think I have every had. Filming Annabel Lee on the Hartland Estate was unusually tough. It is a beautiful location, but boy does it have it's hurdles. No phone signal for roughly a 2 mile radius certainly didn't help. The one mile single track was like a video game, and the won a couple of times!  Most importantly the film that we shot looks fantastic. Our director Amy Coop has done a great job. Thank goodness for her. But she wasn't the only one. The WHOLE crew and all the cast, were glorious, generous people. They had to work extra hours of an evening almost every evening and then up early and even an extra day. I have never known anything like the commitment.

It was wonderful to be a part of. Alex Bhat, who played E, was spot on. He inhabited the role and has a magnetic screen appearance. Proper talented lad. Angel was fantastic. She has written a wonderful script, one that engendered the most passionate effort to get it onto celluloid. She has truly stepped up to the mark for this. And in our last minutes of the shoot, I got to work with my daughter. That was quite momentous for me. After an emotional week, that really topped it for me. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the end result. 

To all of you who donated to this absolute passion project, I thank you, salute you, and will forever be grateful to you. 

N xx

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