Hello all and everyone of you. Today we have launched the Kickstarter campaign for Annabel Lee, our short film. 

This is the link. PLEASE spread the word and see if anyone you know can help. We are needing to generate quite a bit in a short space of time. And the thing about kickstarter is if you don't raise the money in the time allowed then the money gets returned to you. It's a clever but slightly scary angle from my point of view as a producer. But the thrills' the thing. It's a terrific script, very ambitious and we are taking it by the camera horns and going at it in no small measure. All the heads of departments are experienced top level people and then we are trying to give a chance to up and comers. But it is a tough shoot, 5 days on the coast of North Devon, (Please don't try to find us, we are very remote.) including night, water and stunts. Eeeks. And we have to put the whole crew up, so any help, ANY, would be gratefully appreciated. If you can spread the word and tweet or facebook,@annabelfilm  on Twitter and @AnnabelLeeFilm on Facebook.



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