Hello Everyone,  As January expands to it's limits, I thought I would say hello. So Hello. Waking up this morning, London is rather beautiful, for a city. I have to admit that on mornings like this, frosty and crisp, I do rather miss our home in Gloucestershire. We had a good few years there and it was one of the most beautiful areas of all England for me, but most of all, on these mornings it reminded me of Narnia. The cars and workmen here, remind me it is in fact London. Also when I woke this morning, I was sent an article in The Times Diary column by a young guy called Patrick who I spoke to at the Costa awards. 

I have to say I had a great time there. It really is packed with good people. You know, it's always interesting when talking to a journalist, figuring out what angle they will take with a particular story. He even came up to me later to confirm a couple of details of his story, (when I was talking to the marvellous and amazing Miles Jupp). As the article rightly says I am not a Tory, but even so I don't take slants at people who are, just because they are, and the story starts with calling Gavin Williamson, then Chief Whip, now Minister for Defence, being called confused. Ummmm. I think if you ever meet Gavin, you would know this isn't a man who gets easily confused. He is, or rather seems, as I can hardly claim to know the guy properly, absolutely on the ball. It was lovely to talk a bit about This House with the journalist tho'. And great to see that Imagine piece on BBC2 about James Graham the playwrite. I thought Yentob did a really good programme. Watch it if you get the chance. It also has footage of the play, but the version at the National, not in the West End, so it's Charlie Edwards playing Weatherill. So you get to see how it should have been played!  

Anyway the most fun thing about that party was the re-uniting I did with friends, and I hope with Miles Jupp, making new ones. It was one of those really good nights.Thank you Costa! Great to see so many peeps having such a grand time. My update on Annabel is brief, we are piecing together the last elements. I am still learning so much. And loving it. Patience mainly. So, on this frosty morning, Peace and sparkles to you all.   X

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