Congratulations to all out there for making it thru the year. Not an easy one, but filled with wonder nonetheless. 

My most pressing news is about my Angel's film, Annabel Lee. I got to see a first assembly the other day and was thrilled. A first assembly is the director's first pass at putting scenes in the right order basically. It's not an edit, the editor does that. The difference really is a set of new and clear eyes that comes with the editor. Anyway, it was so exciting to see it.

It enhanced my belief that we have a film worth showing, which from a producer's point of view is EVERYTHING. Gotta be proud of the product. And so far I am. Who knows what will happen next, (yes I am being cautious, but if you know me at all by now, you will know I don't like to presume) but I am now in the thrall of the post production. This is another "first" for me. It may mean that I am a little slow on getting any Kickstarter benefits to those who invested, for which I apologise up front. Amy, our director was in charge of this bit, but she has a TV directing job to do and I have to take over this side of affairs, which is just as well, because I need to learn. Late 50's and learning more now than ever. Huh!?!   

Finally today, a big, no, a HUGE HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.  

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