Hello to all,

This is a quick update to explain a couple of new photos that have gone on the site.   

I am in a short film, yes another, called Sea Dragon, written and directed by James Morgan who previously wrote a short called Seven.  That was very good and actually had an old chum in it, Nick Boulton who worked with me on Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. I thought you might get a kick from this look!  

Had dinner with Eoin Colfer the other day. What a lovely man. Really charming and delightful, and open and sweet. I am a lucky bugger!


Well, I am still also flying too and from Spain rather a lot, which recently included a weekend in Dublin, which covers for mid Victorian London very well, with it's Georgian architecture. Had a blast there, including on the last night when I bumped into Adrian Dunbar from Line of Duty. He's a terrific actor, and quite the companion for an evening in Dublin I can tell you. Strangely also bumped into him last night on the tube in London. Serendipity. I am enjoying the Spanish cast & crew very much and still have another month or so with them.  

Before that tho'....   This weekend in fact....   England are playing South Africa in the Rugby World Cup Final......   In Tokyo......

COME ON BOYS!!!!!   YOU CA DO IT !!!!!!    sorry about the shouty capital letters, but Japan is a long way away.    

Politically, it's looks like the net might be tightening around the Russian patsy Trump. What an awful man. I can't really go into just how awful he is but I hope if anyone remembers his name in 20 years time, it's because he was sent to prison and "whimpered like a dog". That language he used when he talked about capturing  the ISIS leader was revolting, and, not surprisingly at all, was, of course, made up. There was no footage of what he described. The man is a pathological liar. Yes Isis leader was a hideous being but Trump just gave a new lease of life to his organisation. Idiot. 

And back in the UK, I am very disappointed that we are having an election. There should be a referendum first to sort out our mess. In fact, have a referendum with 3 choices, No deal, Boris' deal or Remain. The lowest vote is eliminated then the last 2 questions battle it out until there is a 60-40% to one side or the other. Votes every 2 days! That would sort it. The voters most passionate would win within the week I reckon. And at that level, 60-40%, no one can complain about the result. It's too big to settle at anything closer. And after all a General Election should be just that, an election about the General policies of the parties, not one issue. All very interesting. To me at least, sorry if I bore you all.   

I have hinted for some time that I have something brewing up my sleeve. (OK, that's a bit of a mixed metaphor, sorry.) I hope to have my biggest announcement ever, as far as I am concerned, very soon..... Fingers and toes firmly crossed......   

Till then.....  BYE..... COME ON ENGLAND

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