I was about to tell you about the Mydworth Mysteries, but our webmistress Jessy is there first. Actually, even she doesn't know that I am recording the last in the series tomorrow. I will be using my home made studio, so I hope the quality is up to their usual high standard. I do. enjoy doing these series. Fun voices and a bit of a mystery thrown in.   

And tonight I will be watching the National Theatre Live on TV. Great idea. But of course taking a break at 8.00pm to go outside and clap our valiant health workers in the NHS. Of course it's not just them, it's everyone that is keeping us alive, fed, watered, supported. Drivers, carers, back-room staff and a myriad of others. As you all know by now I am sure, my mother was an NHS doctor all her professional career and so I am familiar with their level of commitment. LOVE YOU ALL.


And I hope all of you at home are coping and not finding it all too difficult. I feel we are hitting the time when things are becoming a wee bit repetitive. Courage mes amis, courage. And for all those, like Betty Jasper HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.  Can't be easy stuck at home, but hopefully surrounded by the ones you love.   

Love to all

Nat x

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