That birthday was the very best of birthdays. Got up and had my coffee with honey and toast with marmalade, which is my best start to the day. Then, a while later the family breakfast with presents and joy filling the air in the gorgeous weather, THEN a very special present. A film, all shot when I was out walking dogs the previous day, complied with contributions from some of my very best besties, all sung to David Bowie's Heroes. I was blown away, blown away.

When we went on a walk later I saw Simon Amstell, who has had quite an impact on my life with his wonderful humour and his film Carnage. I went running up to him and accosted him as though I was a teenager, getting my words in a real muddle and blushing, but hey, he's Simon Amstell. And thru' the day lots of great messages from everyone.  

SO Trump's madness didn't invade my day, and Boris, well, Boris is now being a complete idiot. Hopefully we will see a reverse of this absurd doubling down of support for his ghastly advisor Cummings. He reversed twice in the last week on policies that should never have been supported, and if he has any sense of pulse of the public mood, he has to fire the unelected puppet master.  The unabashed arrogance is shocking.  So reminiscent of Trump with Bannon and Miller. As you can see the joy from last week may have worn off a little.  

Stay Safe and Well   

N x

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