I have to start by saying that I am so sad we won't be continuing the adventure of Cromwell and Henry.  This is the most wonderful group of actors and crew, and they deserve to have their work celebrated.  All the old-timers, I hope they don't mind me calling them that, have been thru adversity before and this is the West End, so commercial theatre, and it can be a tougher world. But even so, it's a horrible feeling not being allowed to continue.  As for the youngsters, well, I hope in the long run they can look back and feel nothing but immense pride for their part in this journey. The newest of newcomers, Sam, Jordan, Umi, Rosie have had a proper Deep End experience and I am sure that they all have the backbone to not just survive, but to learn and grow. I trust they will all have an impact on their chosen profession!!

So Homage to all involved. Apart form that, I have been doing a fair bit of press recently, thanks to a lovely connection to my publicist Robbie. He's done me very well, in a crowded 2 months.  Let's see what door opens next.  

As for politics, I wouldn't know where to start. The US is in such turmoil at he moment, and this country seems to be careering into a ditch. Boris seems to be trying to follow Trump's playbook of changing the rules. Skewering them in his favour. And the opposition here seems to be letting him.  Come on Labour, get out there and make some bloody noise.  Make political coalitions!  For me the only real coalition now that matters is GREEN. Forget petty differences and fight on a green platform!  Openly Green.  It's the only way forward for not just this country but the planet.  

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