Hello Lovely Peeps. 

On this day that launches La Temlanza into the ether and onto our screens, I have a completely different issue I want to mention. Political. I never thought I would ever endorse Iain Duncan Smith in any way, shape or form, but when I read this morning his quote about wearing China's sanction like a Badge of Honour, I was actually moved. This is a man who has ruined the welfare system in my country. Made it harder for so many and has exaggerated the line between the haves and have-nots so starkly, he generally makes my skin crawl. However his stance against China for their treatment of the Uyghurs has been strong and outspoken. I congratulate him.

How can the West, come to think of it, the East, North and South, allow this to continue. It is against every human rights treaty ever thought of, let alone signed. If only the there was a way of showing China how awful the rest of the world thinks this behaviour is. The question would remain, "would China care what we all thought?" How about a day, A World Day of Defiance against Inhumanity?    Which wouldn't be a ad thing to shout at our vindictive and callous Home Secretary Priti Patel.  What a calculating frightful woman she is. I thought the news of her immigration policy shift this week was genuinely scary. How can she pretend that what she is doing is fair?  I thought Jason Issacs on Peston on Wednesday night was terrific. Passionate and based in reality. I remember when I was lucky enough to be involved in the Chad disaster, that one of my main focuses was to try to give a sense of identity to the refugees and internal displaced people, not let them be passed off as a faceless line of needy lost people, but see them as teachers, farmers, nurses, whatever. Jason did that so well. Always been a fan of his. 

On the more local news, I haven't seen any of the Amazon publicity for La Templanza, but I guess we wouldn't get it here. I know Leonor has been doing her bit.  Oh how I miss my Spanish co-workers. What a great bunch they are. Leonor and her marvellous family made the whole experience such fun. I hear she has read all of Harry Potter on to audio. What a treat for you Spanish speakers out there. I often now listen to her music and her stunning husband Jorge Drexler.  Wow, the talent!!!!  Sea Dragon seems to be doing it's stuff, not being on Facebook, I'm a bit behind on the publicity front, but Hunting Bears, so much more recent is also just about out there ready for festivals too. I haven't seen it yet, but from the stills, you can see the Pandemic has definitely taken it's toll on my worry lines! As for The Beast Must Die...   Late May I am told. The Phenom that is Cush Jumbo is on Graham Norton tonight, weeks away from the launch, but I guess she is so ridiculously busy. Enjoy!

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