Hello All,   

I am writing on the morning of Tuesday 12/10/21.  My throat is not good.  I have a cold and it suffered last week, towards the end of the week from a nasty something!  Who wants a nasty something when you're being Henry VIII?  Yuk, GO AWAY!!!! Anyway, it is croaky.  If I normally have a gravelly voice, I think it could now be described as Jagged Rocks!  But I will be careful and figure a way not to ruin the old voice box.  I do have some shouty bits as Henry, but perhaps this week, they will be more intense than loud. I will do what my father taught me people in power should do, not shout, but direct their anger. Let's hope it works. 

So if any of you are coming this week, it may be a bit different as I explore vocal survival.  Actually I was silent for almost all of yesterday, except I did have to do a podcast, (not ideal I hear you say), but it was pre-arranged and I would have hated to have missed it. It's the new Sunday Times Wine Club's podcast. Great fun and with some delicious wine. All very good for the throat obviously!    

As for the play...  What a blast. Strange Press Night. Not the best version of the play, which I have been told has been reflected in the reviews, but Hey Ho. It's a hit with the audiences. There have been many upstanding at the end of the show and everyone I have spoken to has loved the ride. Ben, who is also shooting something at the same time is magnificent. But that's nothing new. the total cast are, I think, wonderful, particularly the youngsters.  They are earning their spurs, as we used to say in old English. I am very proud of them all. 

This week we have The Last Duel opening in cinemas. Please go. It is a long but important film. Beautifully shot and acted by the main cast. Really proud to be in it. And tomorrow I am doing a photo shoot with the amazing Rankin. Rosie, who plays Anna of Cleeves, and myself and a dresser are going to be part of an exhibition of his work centring around theatre, and it's re-emergence form the pandemic. What a privilege!

Stay safe on and all. Get vaccinated, and let's get on with each other, one and all.

N xx

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