Vaccination done.  I urge one and all to get your shots.  We need a base where we can at lest start to head back into the world as we used to know it. A place where we can meet up with friends and family, go to work and stop for a chat at the post office. These various vaccines give us at least a fighting chance of that. Hooray, and congratulations to those who have come up with goods! 

On a separate issue, where does Piers Morgan get off being such a pillock? Somehow he feels he is able to be rude about someone with absolutely no recourse for his horrible actions. I don't watch him on TV if I can possibly help it, (The same is probably true the other way round too, so fair's fair) but I saw the clip of him walking off the set this morning. What an arse.

Nearly as stupid and myopic as that complete berk Laurence Fox peddling his Alt Right rubbish. Just thought I would say that. Am I getting less diplomatic in my dotage?  Hmm.  

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