Ho All,

Well, what a banging first month of the year that was! Jeeeeeezzzzzzzz. One despot down, SO many more to go. I do think this world would be a safer and friendlier place without Putin, don't you? I mean, what a clever, pushy bastard. He got a chunk of Ukraine back, built himself a humongous palace and just had the President of the US in his pocket for the last 4 years. Be so interesting to find out what they have on the Orange Monster.


I read an interesting article about how he had been groomed by the KGB and then FSB. I don't think that is a conspiracy theory do you? He did everything he could to make Putin stronger in the world. Come on Navalny!  You are such a brave man. A plot the Le Bureau would be proud of. I reference the French Spy Masterpiece because I recently finished it. Oh my, what a tremendous series. So incredible. Starting Spiral now, very violent, particularly towards women, but I have been told by so many that it is so great. On top of the last series of Call My Agent, I have to say the French film industry is blooming!  Blooming marvellous. 

My show, The Beast Must Die had a great article in Variety the other day, Gratifying. Getting more and more excited about that. I haven't heard on a release date for that or The Last Duel yet, but I will let you know when I do. I am shooting a short film next week called Hunting Bears, which I am also looking forward to. Love doing short films as you know.   

I am sure I am not the only one wishing the marvellous Jessy well. xxx

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