Before I tell you what a fantastic time I had today, I have just opened my laptop to see the terribly sad news that Roger Michell has died.  He was a tower of a man. I met him a few times socially and thought he was so generous and kind and genuinely sweet.  What an amazing director. So much fabulous work. He will be sorely missed. 

So, we started today early with rehearsals, then a dress rehearsal, our second after last night's effort. Then I went off to Leicester Sq Odeon for the Red Carpet of The Last Duel and back to the theatre for the first preview of The Mirror and The Light.  All in all Great fun and a dream for any actor to have such a full diary, even if only for a few hours. Dammit it I missed Jodie on the carpet, but I couldn't wait and mess with my head as Henry.  I had to get back to the Gielgud. THAT was fun.  Nerve wrecking but so proud to be working with this team, and relieved that after a few mistakes I was on track.  Exhausted now, so I'll get back to you soon with updates!  Hooray for all involved in both the film and the play, and Hooray to the Wonderful Roger Michell, who brought joy to millions. 

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