WOW, that was damn nearly too much to pack into one year wasn't it? Putin has tried to destroy the world as we know it, but has come up against a huge nation who has said NO! I don't think he's used to that do you?  Finally getting rid of Boris was a sort of highlight, but as they say, be careful what you wish for. Truss and Kwarteng. Holy Shit! What happened to the UK will, I hope, make some on the right reflect about the greater good. It was the Tory membership who voted for the tax cuts, promised by T & K, to fill their pockets, rather than take notice of a former chancellor, Rishi, who they all heralded when he gave so many so much. What a debacle. And it has left UK Ltd in a dire strait.  Problem for me is that Rishi may have been chancellor and have understood how STUPID Truss' plans were, but a lot of the reason for incredible mess we are in is down to his reductive policies as Chancellor.  Very little promise of sunshine for the UK, unless you are one of the ever growing number of under taxed billionaires. I support the Nurses and all NHS staff and Ambulance workers, Fire-fighters, train drivers! 

OK, so this is why I haven't written so much, after having plans to do so much more. I would just be complaining and using this as a grumpy sounding board. So I am sorry about that. Let's be a little more hopeful and positive.   

I hope you are all getting ready for Christmas and are safe and well. On my Santa list are .... well as always... a bit more work please! Also having so much fun working on scripts that I hope that all continues. I am setting a date of late September for shooting a film that I am producing and am in. Can't tell you how buzzy that makes me feel. Now gotta go find the money. Top of my Santa list is the Family. We've had a fair bit of dragging on illnesses this year. My biggest wish is that they all have a sparkling year health-wise and we are all able to see the abundance that is all around us. That's true for all of you by the way. Have a healthy, inspiring and prosperous new year!

Talking of inspiring....  Just watched Zelensky talking to the US Congress. What a man. And he's right, it's not charity to send money and arms to his country, it's an investment. It's more too of course. In Iraq it was easy to align our efforts with the Oil industry, in Ukraine the Critical Metal industry is vital. As vital as oil has been over the last 150 years, so Critical Metals will be over the next 150. And Ukraine is the world's 4th largest deposit of various critical metals. Doesn't get much mention, but damned important.   

Then, also inspiring, was the dignity of Elizabeth II. What a woman. I guess, if you absolutely believe you are anointed by God, you have a lot going for you. I mean the Royal Family as a whole has had a shocker, hasn't it? Let's hope, just to get them out of so many column inches, Charles and Will get make up with Hazza. But frankly, who gives a monkey's! I think Messi should be our next King. 

To all my mates and pals out there and all those who fleetingly visit the site,  HAVE A GLORIOUS CHRISTMAS. MUCH LOVE   



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