Sport is wonderful. It has the power to crush, but it has the power to make you FLY! Watching the athletics just makes me sob with happiness. At the beginning of this tournament, we saw Katarina Johnson-Thompson go in the Heptathlon. She started last in her first race and went on to triumph in the most spectacular way. But what was so beautiful to see was the camaraderie of the competitors. They all seemed so supportive of successes, near successes and failures. And tonight I watched Kerr win the event I used to love 1,500 m. I was jumping out of my seat. 

As I did for the pole vault, Molly Caudery! Personal Best!  But the winners of that event were so fantastic. The best in the world for the last few years, Moon from the USA, shared the gold with Nina Kennedy from Australia. I was sobbing again. I find myself getting excited by people from all sorts of countries, because you can see how much they have tried, with all their hearts. One competitor finished fourth, usually the position we all say that must be the most painful, but she was over the proverbial. More sobbing from me! For a sport that is all meant to be about the individual, it is the most supportive, communal experience. Sport is wonderful. 

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