So, after a weekend of sneezing and watching rugby, I get into the theatre today. Southwark Playhouse, Elephant. Not sure if I can pinpoint the Elephant part of it! It's very small. The crew are doing a great job putting everything together, but as I say the space is not much. We don't get to walk on it until tomorrow, and then 2 days later we have an audience.....   Bloody Hell!!! 

I am enjoying it. Andy is a terrific director who challenges me and gets me to look afresh. Very good fun to work with.  Talking of fun… the cast.  There are moments when we all just fall about. Just as well, with the subject matter. What is a scientist's moral compass? Huh? To those of you who are coming, I hope it is thought-provoking. It is particularly relevant in light of the recent Oppenheimer film. The flip side.  

I hope everyone is safe and well. 

N x

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