I just want to say, because I am proud of it, that I worked with Patsy Ferran at the weekend. We met at the Olivier's this year. I missed her perf as Blanche Dubois in Streetcar Named Desire, but Angel saw it and said she was INCREDIBLE. She had 4 days rehearsal!  Jeez. Anway we did a short film together, no words, not much action come to think of it. Girls Hugging Their Fathers written and directed by one Atalanta Swire, who is a director you WILL hear more from in times to come. Guess which one I played? So, technically I can now add another "daughter" to my list, which started of course with Keira Knightley (?) in A Village Affair. Not a tough job. No words. For either of us. It has a voice over. 

I was so impressed by both Atalanta and of course Patsy. I drove back to London from our location near Salisbury, and picked up Angel who had been recording a demo nearby, coincidentally. Patsy and Angel in the back was just lovely for me in the front of the car because they chatted non stop. A real and pretend daughter.    

On political notes, COME ON WEST, Give Ukraine the support it needs! Forget Boris' What's App messages, it's Rishi's the government is so worried about they are trying to get an injunction against their own inquiry! Laughable.     

Garden is looking gorgeous. Good luck to one and all. 

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