Staring at the Light
Frances Fyfield

Review of Book

Written by one of the UK's finest crime writers, Staring at The Light seems a slightly bizarre mix of Art and Dentistry… But I like Frances Fyfield's style; no unnecessary waffle to either the narrative or dialogue, with just enough depth to keep you involved but not too much to make you feel excluded. She slips in, almost under your notice, small but significant details that are crucial to the plot. She also uses very clever (if at first confusing) transitions from one scene to another, both of which keep the grey matter ticking over. The novel comes in the crime fiction category, but has more the feel of a drama, with an ever-present menace lurking in the background.

The story revolves around London solicitor, Sarah Fortune, her collection of eccentric acquaintances and her relationship with endearing Harley Street dentist, William Dalrymple. They become involved with ex-Belfast bomb-maker, Cannon Smith, who convinces Sarah that his twin brother, Johnny, is bent on harming both him and his wife, Julie. Sarah's belief in Johnny's appalling nature slowly erodes until she becomes forcefully and very personally caught up in his obsession…

A publisher's note on the audio book cover has the warning that it contains some explicit scenes/language. There is a fair amount of swearing and the climax scene is horrifying enough to make your stomach churn and your toes curl - trust me! Best not listened to just before you go to sleep…

Review of Nat's Reading
Nat has more narrative than dialogue in this audio. There is less 'performing', which is certainly no disappointment but actually a real treat. He uses a good, solid, 'storytelling' voice, which is perfectly paced, very natural and flows easily. It reminded me of being seven years old, sitting cross-legged on the carpet by the teacher's desk, listening to her reading to the class at the end of the afternoon…. :o)

Nat accomplishes, among other things, a stutter, a yodel, a Belfast accent that hardly ever slips - and his firework impressions are brilliantly realistic!

Published By

Chivers/BBC Audio Books

ISBN - CD 075405313X -

Cassette 0754003647 1999/2000

Complete and Unabridged

Running Time 11 hours 12 mins

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