Born in Gateshead in the 1950s, Steve became a professional writer and artist from the age of sixteen. He's written novels, poetry and prolifically for television and radio. He won the Giles Cooper Award for his radio play 'The Pope's Brother' which has very recently been adapted and produced for the stage. Steve wrote many of the original scripts for the children's TV series 'Animals of Farthing Wood', and the critically-acclaimed 'Noah's Island' which has sold to over 20 countries worldwide.

He toured Russia during and after the Soviet era giving poetry readings.  At a moment's notice he can go into a stand-up routine totally ad-lib about absolutely anything, complete with characters and sound effects!  He's spent a lot of time in Canada and now lives in the French Pyrenees where he spends his days reading post-modernist philosophers and drawing the animals, people and landscapes - and writing. 


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