I just got a wonderful message from Krunos Jovic, who was an extra on the set of  "Fade to Black" in Belgrade. Krunos was so kind to write and tell me a bit about his experiences and impressions he gathered during his days on the set. The movie is currently being shot on the Isle of Man. I'd like to thank Krunos for sharing his time and feelings with us. To our dear readers: enjoy!

Hello, my name is Kruno I am from Belgrade. I read your site from time to time and I think that it is great site.

Last month there was a shooting of a film by Oliver Parker "Fade to black" with Nathaniel Parker, Christopher Walken, Danny Houston, Diego Luna and Paz Vega. They have finished shooting in my country and now they are shooting in England. At the shooting I was an extra, I had a scene with Nathaniel Parker and Danny Houston. I'm just writing you, to pass on to you my excitement and to say that Nathaniel Parker is not only one of the best English actors but an excellent person as well. He is so nice that I was actually surprised, I didn't know what to expect.

I am a student of animation, I was an extra on the film, talented but in the film world for now a nobody, and he treated me like I'm on his professional level which is one of the best compliments I've got. As an animator I am on a very good level but being from Belgrade I have a problem getting a job here because they don't need an animator in my country. Nathaniel even offered help. I had a sense that he is a good person but I didn't now that he is such a nice guy.

I could see in his facial expression when I was telling him my situation that he was really concerned and looking for a way to help... The next few days in my childhood paranoia I was afraid that he'll change his mind or that I will as usual destroy something of course that didn't happened. I hope he didn't notice my strange behaviour or insecurity. I gained an impression that Nathaniel is a very happy person. A positive person, with a positive attitude in life.

Nat and Krunos on the set






      Nat and Krunos on the set
             (click to enlarge)

One interesting thing to your readers: There was a little improvisation by Nat when we were not close to the camera. I was sad because my girlfriend had left me two weeks ago and in the scene I was playing an assistant of his character, I was supposed to act happy but I wasn't .I was trying, but I am not an actor .He was always very helpful. He told some joke or something funny on every take .

Because they didn't give scripts to extras I didn't know before I read on your site that he was playing a gay film producer. In one of the takes he said in the style of his character (as a joke in real life - to make me laugh): ”Let 's make a threesome”, to the actor who played his boyfriend. Thank God that I read this site the night before that shooting and read a little more about the script and his character. Otherwise I would have been shocked and running scared - funny isn't it? After the scene he sad laughing "Well. It got you laugh didn't it?"

Nathaniel is a very funny guy , he does excellent impressions . In one conversation with me for a few seconds he talked like a vampire: First I was amazed by his acting then I said to myself "Of course that's Nathaniel Parker", then I had a scary feeling - and I am not a person that is scared easily. I said to myself: "Wow  - now that's what I call an actor!!!!! What an intonation, what a narration!!!! Even when he’s joking his superb acting abilities come to the surface!!!" In those few seconds he really sounded like a vampire.

Everyone from the film crew where like a family, all of them, but especially Nat.  To all of the Nathaniel fans I just want to say you are not mistaking for liking him. Not only that he is an excellent actor but he is an excellent person as well. In my experience those kind of people are rare.... I can't wait to see the finished film. I have no doubt that Nathaniel will achieve another excellent role!!!


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