If Wishes Were Horses






Ruth Arnold .... New Mum
Paul Copley .... Noel Shakespeare
Oliver Cotton .... Dermot Finnegan
Penny Downie .... Dr. Tessa Jellicoe
Barbara Flynn .... Maureen Finnegan
Christopher Fox .... DC Lee Turner
Abhin Galeya .... Satnam Gualti
Candida Gubbins .... Gina Stephanopoulos
Jane Hazlegrove .... Janice Cooke
George Jackos .... Peter Stephanopoulos
Tina Martin .... Landlady
Gillian McCutcheon .... Judge
Lisa Palfrey .... Lizzie Shakespeare
Nathaniel Parker .... Thomas Lynley
Jessica Radcliffe .... Paramedic
Jemma Redgrave .... Grace Finnegan
Paul Ridley .... Lawyer
Sharon Small .... Barbara Havers
Simon Snashall .... Soco
Lesley Vickerage .... Helen Clyde
Simone Waller .... Nurse
Albert Welling .... Max Giles

Directed by Alrick Riley
Written by Simon Booker, based on a novel by Elizabeth George
First Broadcast on BBC One March 22, 2004


This dramatic episode opens with the appeal of murderer Lizzie Shakespeare being denied. Lizzie was imprisoned when she killed her abusive husband in self-defence. Instrumental in her original conviction together with the lost appeal is the damming evidence of psychologist Professor Dermot Finnegan. The very next day he is killed by a car bomb.

Lynley and Helen attend Finnegan's funeral because Helen had shadowed the Professor on the Peter Stephanopoulos case at the beginning of her career. Finnegan's current wife Grace is devastated by his murder and her grief is not helped by the arrival of Finnegan's ex-wife Maureen who has come to stay, and who wastes no time in revealing to everyone that Finnegan was a womaniser who had dozens of affairs. Grace is supported by her friend Dr Tessa Jellicoe.

Meanwhile Havers makes a shocking discovery - she finds a love letter to Finnegan written by an infatuated Helen sixteen years earlier. Havers is unsure how to reveal this information sensitively to Lynley and finds it hard to be alone with him as Helen wants to become involved in the case.

This involvement takes a tragic twist when Helen is shot by an airgun whilst driving and is run off the road. She is rushed to hospital where her life is saved but the baby tragically dies. Lynley is devastated and angry, especially when Havers reveals Helen's letter to Finnegan as being a possible motive for the attack. Lynley is vengeful and rushes off to investigate, leaving Helen under the care of Dr Jellicoe with Havers standing guard.

Lynley's suspects include Lizzie's father Noel Shakespeare, who has been running a campaign for her release and who has a hatred of Finnegan; Maureen, Finnegan's long suffering jealous ex-wife, and Peter Stephanopoulos - who now freed from prison - could have a grudge against both Helen and Finnegan.

Lynley's anger at what has happened to Helen and the loss of his much wanted baby causes him to lash out at Havers when she leaves Helen's bedside for just a few minutes. However he later apologises to Havers in a very touching scene between the two of them.

It transpires that two of the suspects, Noel Shakespeare and Peter Stephanopoulos, have been corresponding by email but an attempt to entice them to attack Helen again - by using Havers as a decoy - is unsuccessful.

Meanwhile Helen regains consciousness and is soon well enough to go home. Inexplicably she rejects Lynley's attempts to support her and with very little thought decides to leave him and go and live with her sister.

When it is revealed that Dr Tessa Jellicoe and Grace Finnegan were lovers, drawn together when Finnegan beat Grace, and that Tessa still has an obsessive love for Grace, the episode ends on a dramatic and explosive note that puts Lynley and Havers partnership in jeopardy.

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