A Cry For Justice

Nathaniel Parker .... Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley
Sharon Small .... Detective Constable Barbara Havers
Lesley Vickerage .... Helen Lynley
David Calder .... Richard Martin
David Burke .... DSI Webberley
John McGlynn .... DS David Leach
Michael Culkin .... Raphael
Anthony Higgins .... James Pitchley
Patrick Kennedy .... Gideon Martin
Jason Baughan .... SOCO Officer
Diana Hoddinott .... Mrs. Webberley
Joanna Kanska .... Katja Wolff
Kananu Kirimi .... WPC Mason
Anna Kirkey .... Marcie
Dinsdale Landen .... Major Wiley
Richard McCabe .... Theatre Manager
Mandy More .... Euenie Martin
Bay White .... Sister Elise

Directed by Alrick Riley
Written by Ann-Marie di Mambro, based on a novel by Elizabeth George
First Broadcast on BBC One March 18, 2004


In Oxford Morag MacNicoll is found dead in her home with her wrists cut - an apparent suicide. Havers - who has decided to stay on in the force - and Billy Slaven are both taking a police course in Oxford and are the first on the scene, where Havers immediately suspects foul play. Further examination of the body reveals that it was indeed a murder and for her quick thinking Havers is not only reinstated to Sergeant by Assistant Commissioner Hillier but is assigned to the case with Lynley.

Initial enquiries reveal that Morag was a single woman with no family, who led a quiet life. However she did work for the infamous Crucible Club and its glamorous owners Jemma and Nigel Sanderson. Local 'crusading' journalist Red McGuire hates Nigel Sanderson and is determined to prove that he was behind Morag's death. Red latches onto Havers and manages to convince her of his suspicions. So much so that she volunteers to go undercover and work as a temp secretary at the club.

Meanwhile Daniel, the teenage tearaway son of Nancy Brookes, was seen hanging around Morag's house on the night of her death and he becomes a suspect. Further questioning of Jemma Sanderson prompts her to reveal that Morag had a son whom she had sold shortly after his birth some years before. This son is in fact Daniel who had been seen snooping round Morag's house.

Another teenager, Shelley Gibson, is found to have Morag's purse and credit card, but suspicions surrounding her are increased when Daniel, who is caught and questioned, states that he saw her hanging around Morag's house on the night in question.

When Red McGuire is beaten up and later fatally crashes his car whilst under the influence of drugs - possibly administered at one of Sanderson's parties - suspicion turns back to the Sanderson's and their club once again. These suspicions are further intensified when their friend Marjorie Carter has her new baby stolen by Shelley Gibson, who claims to be the real mother confessing how she was coerced into selling her baby with Morag and Jemma Sanderson behind the transaction.

Throughout this episode Lynley is coming to terms with impending fatherhood. Helen has taken early maternity leave and the couple have just moved into a new and beautiful home. Lynley is completed distracted by the case and fails to pay enough attention to the expectant Helen. Eventually they talk and he confesses that he is fearful of becoming a father, as he feels inadequate and unprepared for such a responsibility. When he witnesses the desperate love that Shelley Gibson has for the baby she was forced to sell, and the loyal stoical love of Nancy Brookes towards her adopted son Daniel, he begins to realise that love is all he needs to give his child.

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