A Traitor To Memory

Nathaniel Parker .... Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley
Sharon Small .... Detective Constable Barbara Havers
Lesley Vickerage .... Helen Lynley
David Calder .... Richard Martin
David Burke .... DSI Webberley
John McGlynn .... DS David Leach
Michael Culkin .... Raphael
Anthony Higgins .... James Pitchley
Patrick Kennedy .... Gideon Martin
Jason Baughan .... SOCO Officer
Diana Hoddinott .... Mrs. Webberley
Joanna Kanska .... Katja Wolff
Kananu Kirimi .... WPC Mason
Anna Kirkey .... Marcie
Dinsdale Landen .... Major Wiley
Richard McCabe .... Theatre Manager
Mandy More .... Euenie Martin
Bay White .... Sister Elise

Directed by Brian Stirner
Written by Kevin Clarke, based on a novel by Elizabeth George
First Broadcast on BBC One March 11, 2004


World class violinist Gideon Martin inexplicably runs offstage at one of his concerts, whilst at the same time his estranged mother Eugenie Martin is knocked down and repeatedly run over by a car in a north London street, her body discovered by a James Pitchley. Meanwhile at Superintendent Webberley's wedding anniversary party Havers arrives and hands over her resignation letter, much to Lynley's dismay.

When DS Brian Leach arrives at the party with news of Eugenie Martin's murder he and Webberley seem overly concerned and assign Lynley and Havers onto the case. It transpires that Eugenie was on her way to visit the very man who found her body - James Pitchley - but he denies ever knowing her.

Wanting to know more of Eugenie's family life Havers and Lynley become acquainted with violinist Gideon Martin, his father Richard, and Gideon's over protective PA Raphael. It is intriguing that the night Gideon loses his ability to play the violin is the same night that his mother is murdered. Further investigations reveal that the reason for Eugenie's estrangement was the death of her young daughter twenty years before, who was drowned in the bath by the nanny Katja Wolffe. Webberley and Leach's connection is that they were both responsible for putting Katja away, and as she has recently been released from prison, they are overly determined that Lynley and Havers catch up with her once more - this time for the murder of Eugenie.

When it comes to light that DS Leach has removed evidence, in the form of a package, from Eugenie's flat, Lynley is suspicious of the depth of his colleagues' involvement in this case. The shock murder of Webberley, who is also run over several times by a black vintage care, and the discovery of James Pitchley having been the Martin's lodger at the time of the little girls death, it would seem the present murders are all connected to that fateful night twenty years before.

Lynley's emotions are running high as the two women in his life bring about changes. Helen reveals that she is pregnant and Lynley's enthusiasm at her announcement is most certainly stilted. When the complexities of the investigation keep him away from home Helen becomes jealous and suspicious. Haver's resignation appears to affect Lynley even more than the news of impending fatherhood, with him wistfully conducting a countdown of the days that Haver's has left, and even telling her just how much he will miss her.

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