IL 1 setMissing Joseph

Nathaniel Parker .... Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley
Sharon Small .... Detective Sgt. Barbara Havers
Pippa Haywood .... Juliet Spence
Charlotte Salt .... Maggie Spence
Tony Boncza .... Reverend Robin Sage
Joanna Dunn .... Polly Yarkin
Lesley Vickerage .... Helen Clyde
Christine Bottomley .... Bride
John Vine .... DCI Kenneth Shepherd
Robert Goldsbrough .... Police Officer One
Adam Godley .... Tony Philips
Jason Merrells .... PC Steve Shepherd
Nathan Naylor .... Sergeant Mason
Maggie Guess .... Woman at Bishops
David Lyon .... Bishop
Jane Galloway .... Kate Gutterman
Jon Millington .... Police Officer Two
Eliza McClelland .... Mrs. Steed
Rebecca Lenkiewiez .... Elaine
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Roger Gartland .... Official

Directed by Richard Laxton
Written by Elizabeth Mickery, based on a novel by Elizabeth George
First Broadcast on BBC One April 29, 2002


This episode is set amongst the startling green of a late summer in Yorkshire. The local vicar Robin Sage is found dead in a ravine. He had been poisoned, and collapsed and died on his way home from supper at Juliet Spence's house. Juliet is a local herbalist and the over protective mother of teenage daughter Maggie.

Smarmy pathologist Tony Phillips confirms that Sage had died of Water Hemlock poisoning from the meal that Juliet had prepared. However, although Juliet herself was also violently ill she managed to escape any serious consequences. Suspicions seem to fall on her daughter Maggie who it is believed may have meant to poison her mother's boyfriend (and local policeman assisting on the case) Constable Steve Shepherd instead.

Delving into Robin Sage's life Lynley and Havers discover that he and young Maggie had formed a close friendship before his death, and that in Sage's past his young wife Susannah had committed suicide after the death of their baby. When Lynley and Havers meet Susannah's sister they make a shocking discovery.

There is some truly inexplicable behaviour from the frosty Helen in this episode. In her capacity as a criminal profiler she is also working on a case in Yorkshire, staying at the same hotel as Lynley and Havers. One night Lynley pays her a visit in her room and they sleep together, and the next morning she instantly regrets it (what!!!) and rushes off to London. Lynley is left hurt and bewildered.

Meanwhile a more tangible friendship is forming between Havers and Lynley. There is a sweet, and somewhat frustrating, scene between them in the hotel garden where it is clear that Lynley wants to offer Havers some genuine support, but she inappropriately jokes about the class differences between them and succeeds in pushing him away. Lynley has also arranged to have Havers house redecorated (all in good faith) but the stubborn and proud Havers is furious by what she sees as a patronising and interfering act. They have a blazing (and enjoyable to watch!) row in the office with Lynley moving from indignant bewilderment to a more contrite understanding of his partner's feelings. Havers breaks down as the full grief of losing her home and her mother hits hard. These open and expressive scenes, where Lynley and Havers reach new levels of understanding, are the highlights of the episode.

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