Director: David Drury, Script: Richard McBrien. Production year 1999, production companies: Greenlit Productions Ltd., Red Rooster Film & Television Entertainment, running time: 113 min, country: UK. Cast: Caroline Goodall, Mark Strong, Nathaniel Parker

Plot Summary

Anne (Caroline Goodall) and Michael (Mark Strong) are a successful and happily married couple. She is a solicitor, he is a psychiatrist. But Anne has just recently started an affair with Michael's best friend Andrew (Nathaniel Parker). One fine day Michael is being arrested under murder charges. Their world becomes shattered as Anne learns some terrible things about her husband. The whole story develops as a murder triangle in which you will never know who did it. First Anne believes it's all a Police mistake, but as the evidence against her husband becomes even stronger she tries everything to put him into the clear. She gets to know Michael they way she never wanted to: He raped a former patient. He indeed had an affair with that murdered woman, in fact he was the father of her child. Nonetheless Anne is fighting for her husband, abandons her lover Andrew and tries everything to get her husband out of jail. Surprisingly enough it is Andrew who is getting Michael into trouble when is interrogated by the court. He is giving some hints that Michael isn't the man that everyone thinks he is. With his testimony he gets Michael to confess his "deeds". But what are the motives of Andrew? Is Michael really the murderer of his former patient???

General Review

This made-for-TV-movie is very effective. The three leads are brilliant, the plot has a twist of its own and right until the end you're not having a clue to that burning question: Who did it? This is all done in a very moderate, low-key manner which gives the necessary space for the actors to develop their characters. I enjoyed it very much and I'm not spoiling your fun by telling who did it...

Nat Review

Nat plays Andrew, the long-time friend of Michael. he seems to know all about him. Sometimes it seems as though not even Anne does know so much about her own husband. He is also madly in love with Anne and just succeeded in convincing her into an affair with him. Anne on the other side doesn't seem to take much interest in Andrew, this even enforces with the rising accusations against her husband. Andrew is trying everything to get Anne back, but what role does he really play in the murder? Nat's role is rather small, but in those moments he has, he shows it all: the desperate lover, the friend and??? Well I won't tell you anything here, the plot's twist is too good to be given away.


Abigail Thaw (daughter of John Thaw yes, our Inspector Morse) plays Caroline Anne's good friend... things do come round sometimes. Besides, Caroline Goodall was an elder member of Nat's acting school years ago...


Not published as a VHS nor a DVD. Unfortunately the only chance you'll have is to take a close look at the TV-program and keep your fingers crossed. In Germany there's a dubbed DVD version out for sale - sorry no English version on this one though.

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