The Inspector Lynley Mysteries are produced by BBC based on the novels by Elizabeth George. Nathaniel Parker plays Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sharon Small plays his partner, Sergeant Havers. There have so far been twenty-one filmed mysteries featuring Inspector Lynley. Elizabeth George keeps on writing stories for Lynley, but so far the latest novels haven't been transformed into movies or TV films.

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In season one (2001), the BBC produced and aired 4 episodes of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries after a successful broadcast of a pilot (2000). The series ended in 2007 - for many fans to an unsatisfactory end, because the infamous series six - with all its troubles in finding a broadcast slot in the UK (due to some unintended connections to real life crimes at that time) - only had two episodes leaving too many questions unanswered. Everyone who's been following the series over the years hopes for TV specials someday to be produced by the BBC.

Series Summary

The series is set in modern-day England and are very much in the P.D. James British tradition. Lynley is a blue-blooded Scotland Yard Inspector. Besides being a detective, he's also the eighth Earl of Asherton, driving a vintage car - a Bristol 410. The number of Bristol 410s were built is 79. They're rarer than 007's Aston Martin DB5, of which there were 1.021. His sergeant, Barbara Havers, is an unattractive 30-year-old woman from a troubled home on the wrong side of the tracks and she can't stand being assigned to work with Lynley. Over the course of the series they gain a grudging respect for each other.




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  1. Limbo (season 6)
  2. Know Thine Enemy (season 6)


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