Director: Oliver Parker Producer: Peter La Terriere Running time: 15 minutes Production year: 1993 Cast: Helena Bonham Carter (Flora), Rhys Ifans (Henry), Andy Linden (Hermes), Cliff Parisi (Eros), Andy Harrison (Park Keeper), Anna Patrick (Aphrodite), Nathaniel Parker (Pan), Tony Grounds (Apollo), Douglas Bradley (Pluto), Steven O'Donnell (Dionysus), Sophie Thompson and Richard Lumsden (Snoggers), Jessica Parker and Tati Parker (Wood Nymphs), Persia Hayley and Flora Parker (Cherubs)



Plot summary

Life can be tough as nails: Petite Flora is in love with tall Henry. But Henry's a guy, who needs time to make up his mind, right? He's shy - that's what he says. Both meet in a park, Henry is selling balloons and Flora is trying to convince him that they are a pair, but he's insisting on being reluctant. This doomed to failure pair is observed by the park keeper (that is what you'd expect from a guy like him, eh?) and a group of strange people who linger around there (they should have more important stuff to do). Flora tries to get a kiss but receives a red balloon from Henry instead. Chances tend towards nil that she'll ever win his heart. Flora is frustrated and walks through London. Henry's present (yes, a balloon, what else) is stolen by a strange biker who lures her to a pub. She'll meet our misplaced park visitors there. Flora is being seduced to a beer or two or three - well the day's corrupted anyway. That biker turns up again and with the help of her first beer, Flora realizes that she's just meeting Greek Gods. The biker was Hermes; Eros is there too, not to mention Pluto and the rest of the bunch. Always trying to be in the hippest places they were headed for Rome when Athens became a bit old-fashioned and then went on to London in the sixties. But all do agree that the last move might have been a failure. No one believes in them and they hunger for a bit of attention. They are making deal with Flora. Eros will help a bit to persuade Henry into love. Well the next day in the park has its obstacles but all ends well. After a miss (that one hits the park keeper) Henry is being hit by Eros' arrow and finally realizes that he's in love with Flora.

General Review

This reminds me of an experiment on: how to make me a modern short on A Midsummer Night's Dream in 15 minutes. And it is done with a lot of loving effort. Helena Bonham Carter is ugly and petite beyond belief and recognition. And the Greek gods, well you get a notion as to why hip London doesn't give a hoot for them any longer. Eros is a bit too fat, Aphrodite really isn't a beauty and Pan could very well be mistaken for a semi-pro skater who gotten a bit too old. Hermes' cockney accent blows you off your feet and Pluto; well his sunglasses are about the scariest thing you'll find about him. The short is good fun to watch and has been carefully edited. No big visual effects. The gods reveal themselves once their magic works. But that doesn't last for long - they are the ones to fall back in their old status after their work is done.

Nat Review

A very small role for Nat as Pan. He is the guy with nothing but mischief on his mind, that should be reason enough to play that role. I especially liked his baseball cap worn the wrong way around. His introduction to Flora "I am Pan"… is being replied with "What Peter?" - and that describes this Pan just fine. Fun stuff that gives a fine example of Nat's Shakespeare stage know-how.


What sticks out here is Anna as Aphrodite (that make-up and outfit was scary indeed) and a couple of younger Parkers as cherubs and nymphs - fun to watch.


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