Columbia Tri Star, 1997. Directed by Robert Markowitz, and co-starring Peter Horton as Scott Fisher, Christopher McDonald as Jon Krakauer. Based on the book by John Krakauer "Into Thin Air: An Account of the Mount Everest Disaster". Nat plays Rob Hall.





Plot Summary

The Race is on! In the mid-nineties several climbers tried to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain. Scott Fisher (Peter Horton) and Rob Hall (Nathaniel Parker) are two highly experienced guides who are trying to get semi-pro climbers up the Mount Everest. Each one tries his best to get his team up there. They realize that they have to cooperate, because there are too many teams trying to climb in a limited time. Soon their initial goal to reach the summit is no longer the primary. As nature strikes back, survival becomes the prime objective. Only few of the group will survive the descent from Mount Everest.

General Review

The movie is a thrilling drama. Shot within a wonderful landscape (shot actually in Tirol, Austria) one gets a gripping image of the demons that haunt the climbers. The movie is well acted and brilliantly shot. One wonders how in the world anyone could ever fancy climbing up Mount Everest ever again after having seen this movie.

Nat Review

Rob Hall, Nat's role, is a very positive character. He's very calm and if I were to choose who's going to lead me up that mountain, I'd know who this would be.... but that's not the point here. It seems as if he's the only one who doesn't lose his nerve when things get out of control. He remains honest in all stages of the drama. Sure enough because of this, his role doesn't develop very much. It is heartbreaking though, to see him in his last scene, trying to talk to his pregnant wife on the other side of the world via the phone, discussing the name of his unborn child. Again, Nat shows his sense for family and responsibility for others in this one. And that is just a wonderful thing to observe.


Out on VHS and DVD in the USA, on VHS in Europe.

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