Produced by the Motion Picture Corporation of America in 1997, directed by Dennis Dugan (Big Daddy). Nat plays Martin Tanley, the bad guy. Co-starring Chris Farley, Nicolette Sheridan.







Plot Summary

Chris Farley plays Haru, an infant white baby washed ashore on an island of Japanese ninjas. He grows up with ninja training but is an incompetent boob. A young woman, Allison Page (Sheridan), comes to the dojo asking for help tracking her suspicious boyfriend. Haru becomes involves and learns that the boyfriend -Martin Tanley - is involved in a counterfeiting scheme. He follows Page and Tanley to Beverly Hills where he foils Tanley's plans with his bumbling.


General Review

This is pretty bland Hollywood buffoonery, in the tradition of Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon's Vacation (though that's giving it a tad too much credit). It's a decent family rental and, while it doesn't keep you rolling in the aisles, it has some genuinely funny moments. I don't think Farley had the appeal of Mike Myers or Adam Sandler, but he was capable of better films than this one. Worthwhile for fans of Chris Farley or Nathaniel Parker.

Nat Review

This is Nat's "Pierce Brosnan imitation," the good-looking, wealthy British jerk basically. His classical training is not put to much use with this character or script. However it is an introduction for him into the mass-market US and one of his rare Hollywood roles. He's clean-shaven in this film, which is one point of interest since he usually sports a beard in his period pieces. As a bad guy, Nat is convincingly smooth and repellent. Not one of Nat's greatest films, but an easy rental for the American audience plus your kids will enjoy it.


Widely available for purchase or rent on video/DVD in the US and UK. 

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