A Yorkshire Television Production in Association with Excelsior Group Productions Limited, produced in 1995. Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes approx. Colour. Co-starring David Jason as D.I. Frost, Bruce Alexander as Supt. Mullet, Mary Healy as Kate, Michael Byrne as Alex Ormrod, Allie Byrne as Ruth Ormrod, Sean Pertwee as Dazza Scott Tat Whalley as Nick Walder. Based on the novels by R.D. Wingfield. Nat plays Stephen Milmore.



Plot Summary

A local hunt sabotage leads to the death of one of the animal rights activists. The victim is identified as one of two brothers who had been 'hangers on' - more interested in 'action' than animal rights. Frost is soon on the case which leads him to question amongst others, the Master of the Hunt, his beautiful daughter and her boyfriend (Nathaniel Parker) who manages an art gallery in Bristol. Soon after, another hunt saboteur is found dead quickly followed by a third victim, a landscape gardener, seemingly unconnected with the hunt. Searching the last known address of the second saboteur, Frost discovers a hall of stolen paintings, antiques and works of art. Once more Frost finds himself involved in a sinister and tangled web of intrigue, greed and corruption.

Nat Review

Nat's role is - indeed - very small. There's not much space to develop much more than a cliché of a guy who's moving in "higher places". Stephen Milmore is an upper-crust (yes, yet again) character who doesn't seem to be too bright. But he is involved into some kind of illegal business, which by consequence is leading him to his untimely doom. Stephen is trying to impress a rich, aristocratic and somewhat spoiled young lady. She is - well to say the least - crazy. And his efforts don't seem quite to lead him to the results has fancied. Not one of Nat's "must-see" pieces, but nice to watch if you are able to get hold of it.


Out on DVD in the UK and the US

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