Produced in 1992 by Warner Brothers, filmed in Nevada, Florida, and California, directed by Mick Jackson II (Volcano, L.A. Story), starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Nat plays Clive Healy, a British actor.


Plot Summary

A mega celebrity, Rachel Marron (played by Whitney Houston) is receiving death threats. Her managers hire "the best there is" - a security guard named Farmer, played by a taciturn Kevin Costner. Tempers flare when Rachel does not like being treated like a prisoner in her own home, but when the threats become acts, she appreciates her bodyguard's perfectionism and paranoia. She falls for him, he doesn't want to get involved with a client (but can't help himself), and so on. The identity of the killer and the final attempt on Rachel's life at the Oscars provide the film's climax.

General Review

I've seen comments online that some people love this as a romantic movie. As a romance, it's not bad. Whitney does a credible job with her performance, appearing both natural and stunning. Costner is just too stone-like for my tastes, particularly in this role. I did not feel particularly draw into the chemistry between these two. But the thriller portion of the film was far worse. The script failed to give Rachel's attempted killer a plausible motive, and the ending scenario was extremely unlikely. Overall: watchable but not memorable.

Nat Review

Nathaniel has a very brief role in this movie. When Rachel attends the Oscars she's one of the presenters. The male teamed up to present with her is Clive Healy, a "popular British actor." Nat plays Healy. They put him in a costume that's something like a cross between Saturday Night Fever and Gene Autry - truly awful. And he doesn't have much screen time. He is a perfect gentleman, though, and there are a few nice shots of him as you can see from the pics. In general this is the last NP film I'd recommend you renting - if Nat is what you're after. If you're up for Kevin & Whitney it's not a bad way to catch a glimpse of you-know-who.


According to the Amazon review, a proposed sequel was to star Kevin Costner and Princess Diana.


Out on DVD and VHS in most countries


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