Produced in 1989 by Zenith and Central Independent Television, UK, filmed in Oxford, directed by Anthony Simmons, based on a story by Colin Dexter. Inspector Morse is a British TV series starring John Thaw as Morse. In this episode, Nat plays Jamie Jasper, the young nephew of an elderly school don.


 Plot Summary

Inspector Morse is rung up by an old Oxford school chum, Anthony. But before Anthony can get around to telling Morse what's bothering him, he shows up dead. Morse believes his death has to do with an annual cricket match that takes place at Oxford, and a mysterious couple that are clearly not what they appear to be. Think "Murder on the Cricket Field."

General Review

I enjoy Inspector Morse and this is a solid episode. The plot is stretched a little thin and, in true British style, the script does not give you the clues you need to actually figure out the real killer until the scene before the end (in the case of Anthony's murder anyway). This episode gives a little background into Morse's school days, which is of interest to Morse fans. A solid British TV mystery.

Nat Review

Nathaniel looks very young in this episode which he made when he was aged 26. He looks even younger than he did in Wide Sargasso Sea, which was filmed four years later. It's a nice role, too. Although he doesn't have a ton of screen time, he has an important part to play in the story and he has a fresh young energy. His character is confident and brash but also a 'good boy' at heart, caring for his uncle. Or so we're led to believe anyway. Worth watching.


Nat also did a Poirot episode in '91 called The Affiar at the Victory Ball.


In the US, normally the episode is found bundled in a larger Morse set. But if you just want this one episode, the WGBH Boston video catalogue is selling the episodes singly. The episode also occasionally airs on TV. In the UK you can buy just this episode on DVD from Amazon.

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