"The Palace of Righteous Justice" - Harry Enfield's Television Programme episodes 1-4 premiered on BBC One on November 8, November 15, November 22 and November 29, 1990. Directors: John Birkin, Geoffrey Perkins. Cast: Peta Lily (She Woman Cat Type Thing), Aden Gillett (Kometh the Iceman), John Burgess (Bank Manager), Nat plays Fire Man.



Plot Summary

This fuss is all about a superhero team who are forced to encounter everyday problems such as doing the washing-up and applying for a mortgage after having found a rather unusual way of doing the dishes - not forgetting helping the good bank manager and fighting back a malicious attack of a fly which is the bitter end of our heroes.

Of course, saving the planet isn't half as complicated as everyday chores, but our superheroes are taking on these challenges in their incredible own way. Yes, they do use their supernatural powers to solve any kinda trouble and that gets them right into the thick of it. Now it can be a problem when the only means you have is the mighty Sword of Sabre, Fire and - yes you won't believe it - Ice. Fire Man who's fiery balls of fire can cause fires is the one who in his youthfulness starts the nonsense explicitly WITHOUT wasting a deeper thought about anything. But hold your fire! This young hot head isn't the only one who's got at least one problem with real life. The Judge is just a bit unsure in his decisions, maybe that's due to the fact that he squints. Well using his sword is much easier anyway. And Ice Man (obviously one of the brighter fellows in this team) knows that at least while being in a mortgage interview it's better to say that he can "do other things, too". Call them a trio infernal if you will.

But it's no use. This team is predestined to cause all kinds of collateral damage. And the good news is: She Woman Cat Type Thing seems to be the only one who's able to save the day by throwing up on the shoes of a bank manager. That leaves hope, but the last episode shows that our heroes smoothly manage to knock themselves out of the game while trying to fight a fly. The Judge is encapsulated in a solid block of ice, Fire Man is sliced in two pieces and Ice Man has been melted down. That's what I call home-made trouble. Sorry guys, the outer space would have been a safer place than good old mother earth! Which reminds me that She Woman Cat Type Thing survived this final battle… a small glimpse of a glorious return? Hopefully not:

(Bank Manager) "Can anybody help?"
(Our trio infernal) "Yes us!"
(Bank Manager) "Oh God! Anybody else?"


General Review

Character Analysis
Fire Man seems to be a pyromaniac in that he loves to burn things. This trait of his character is most evident in burning down his own home, when he tries to help doing a super-hero washing-up. Throughout all of his adventures, Fire-Man has always been a rather hot-tempered fellow, and his loyalty to his friends knows no limits. That is meant literally, poor fellows. His weapon: Fire Storm! His motto: "I'm burning with youthful fire!". His good point: faithfulness. His bad points: acting on impulse. He most probably likes: global warming. He most likely dislikes: self destruction and ice. Funny thing that - one of his closest friends is Ice Man - and he fights with, well you know it.

Future appearances / Career prospects
Fire Man appeared as one of four super-hero characters in the first instalments of "The Palace of Righteous Justice" in Harry Enfield's Television Programme, and has seen three more adventures during the first season. He would have loved to continue to do more cameo appearances, but it was unlikely he'd return because his insurance fees became far too expansive for the TV production company. He decided to turn back to his Nintendo life. An unusually clever idea for this lad: he found a growing fan community and - acting within a completely virtual world - can cause all kinds of chaos without having to pay for it. Go on fellow, save the world by engulfing it in a ball of fire!!!!

Nat Review

Anyone who ever wanted to see Nat in a truly silly comedy role: this is it. It is half-manic, no, this is pure madness. Oh where to start with the description? Let's start with THAT costume. A silky screamingly bright orange body-tight suit, yellow boots and gloves with far too longish fingers. And they made him wear a wig with orange and yellow hair which makes you think of a flame. And he has (to resemble the comic-strip super heroes) some kind of false teeth, so the upper row looks like one white line. Naturally Nat bears a superhero-like (or was it half-moronic?) grin all the time, so this "special effect" really makes sense. He's keeping on posing to show his cotton-stuffed muscles. One thing that blew my mind was the pulsing of his waist each time he actually used his fiery fire. Let's not forget the artificial electronic distortion of his voice... Speaking of the acting, well, thoroughly overdone would be an appropriate description. Nope - thinking about it I do sense some Tim Curry here. Yes, that is it: a pinch of Rocky Horror definitely is in this, too. And it fits the whole thing brilliantly. My favourite scene was the one where Fire Man burned down his house and sits in the rubble with an idiotic expression on his face, hugging his teddy bear. What's left to say? HURRAH!!!! Please can anybody make this stop? My belly hurts and I am having visions of fire men in my head. Thanks!


The Palace Of Righteous Justice could also be read as a mocking of the Mega Man series which was created by Keiji Inafune at Capcom, Inc. in 1987, with the first game being Mega Man on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Read more about it here and about the comic series here.

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