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You'll find (almost) all of Nat's films in this section, please click on the alphabetically sorted film / movie titles. 

Nat has a wonderful talent for vocal performances, as evidenced by his increasingly active audio career. He has a gift for characterization and an ability with accents - from peasantry to upper crust, historical to modern, male to female - that's hard to believe. Please click on the alphabetically sorted audio titles

An overview of Nat's stage career. The performances during his period of training (NYT and LAMDA) have not yet been fully researched.

From time to time I'd like to ask you a few questions on Nat's work.
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thumbnats_life.jpgThis is the section where you'll find Nat's messages. It's all listed by year. It's always something special when he posts about his latest projects for his fans, so maybe you'd like to flip through everything and enjoy. Have fun reading it all.

There are also sections up for the website news view and the usual homepage that consists of this section and the website news section in descending order of their actual publication dates.






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