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Please note that I am Nathaniel Parker's webmistress for his official site. What does this mean? I am not his agent, I take care of all things related to this site. Please respect that all sorts of e-mails for Nat sent to me via my address will definitely not reach him. By using the dropdown menu on this page you'll find his agent's postal address. Please use it when trying to ask for an autograph or when trying to make a professional contact. I am unable to supply any mailing addresses or e-mail address other than the addresses already supplied. I cannot pass on messages and I cannot provide you with copies of any film, audio-book nor TV appearance that's been featured on this site. I am not a paid-for, professional webmaster. I don't make my living by creating websites for celebrities and I don't intent to do so in the future. This site is non-commercial with absolutely no interest in making money. Have fun and enjoy what we are able to offer. If you'd like to contact me (webmistress), please use the form on this page. Thank you!

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